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Claims Go Underpaid by Billions Annually!

The reason Contractors give out "Free Estimates" is because "Free Estimates" are not worth paying for!

If free estimates were truly advantageous, why wouldn't insurance companies eliminate all their adjusters?

Insurance companies possess limitless financial resources, employ expertly trained estimators and adjusters, and utilize advanced estimating software, to blow Consumers' "Free Estimates" out of the settlement conversation.

Consumers are left to solicit "free estimates" that hold no value to insurance companies because they operate as fiduciaries, obligated to track the allocation of premiums paid out in claims.

Reality check;

Insurance companies cannot get enough high-paid adjusters out to estimate your damages and you're left to hustle "Free Estimates"!


Meanwhile, they can't get enough high-paid adjusters to handle the claims volume. You waste your precious time hoping and waiting for contractors who don't know Xactimate estimating procedures and best practices. 

Consumer estimates often originate from disorganized contracting companies, lacking line-item detail and trustworthiness. Homeowners possess meager financial means to professionally challenge insurance companies' expert estimates.

Independent Insurance Restoration Contractors are the first responders in the aftermath of hurricanes, tornados, and hailstorms. They have the "Xactimate" expertise to match the skills of insurance company "Xactimate" adjusters and experts.

You must understand that Independent Insurance Restoration Contractors cannot provide Xactimate-style claim estimates for free. Xactimate-equipped Contractors need to produce superior estimates compared to those of your insurance adjuster.

By working with us, you can expect to receive up to ten times more compensation and achieve outstanding outcomes, as we possess in-depth knowledge of construction and expertise in utilizing sophisticated Xactimate claim estimating software.

The Consumer "Free Estimate" Debacle!

Independent Insurance Restoration Contractors

Good news for property and homeowners!

You don't have to hire "Storm Damage Claim" attorneys to get your claim covered or estimated well.

Independent Insurance Restoration Contractors and Licensed Public Insurance Adjusters Get the Job Done!

* We are the professionals whom attorneys hire to create the estimates to get your claims settled.

Your insurance company wants your claim settled quickly and fairly, but it gets complicated.

Complicated is expensive, and Stinkin' Free Estimates DON'T GET PAID!

Independent Insurance Restoration Contractors make claims

simple and get you paid!

Friends tell friends, to call my "Independent Insurance Restoration Contractor".

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